Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
ABSexpClass which projections from the input data of the absorption-based experiment
AqSeriesParsing file of the acquisition series
clargsVariables affected by the the command line arguments
ContrastType of the input contrast
CtasErrError type
CTrecCT reconstruction class
DcenterClass to deal with the rotation center (read DcenterOptionDesc)
DEIexpClass which extracts DEI-processed projections from the input data
DEIoptionsStructure with the elements needed for the initialization of the DEIprocess
DEIprocessExtract contrasts via DEI
EDEIexpClass which extracts EDEI-processed projections from the input data
EDEIoptionsStructure with the elements needed for the initialization of the EDEIprocess
EDEIprocessStore, process read RCstaff::RCoption() "RC", read RCstaff::FDoption() "FD", extract contrasts
poptmx::ErrError type
ExperimentParent abstract class for various experimental techniques
FilterFiltering window function
InterpAuxiliary class: just wrap around inter_tp enumeration
IPCexpClass which extracts IPC-processed projections from the input data
line_distributorThread distributor for the line-per-thread approach
poptmx::OptionSingle entry in the option table. Represents all types of entries
poptmx::OptionTableThe table of known options
PathPath in the directory structure
ProgressBarCLI progress bar (PB)
proj_infoParses input data file
SinoSProjections storage
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